Kansas City Recap

Good morning everyone! Well, we’re back out west after the second successful Playmaker camp of the summer in Kansas City! Although the weather was a bit warm, hats off to all of the campers who showed up every day ready to work! I can honestly say that Kansas City has some good players that DEFINITELY got better during their three days at camp!

Much like Kentucky, Day 1 of camp focused on stick-work. After getting through a few drills, we covered ground balls (both 1v1 and 2v1), as well as shooting with time and room. After lunch, we ended Day 1 with a few games of dodge ball. Day 2 began with more stick-work. Once we moved around for a while, it was on to shooting on the run. We then used the shooting skills we learned and implemented them in a few 1v1 dodging drills to the goal from up top, behind, and from the wings. The boys really started to get competitive once then started to master the correct mechanics of dodging and shooting…exciting stuff! Before lunch, We ended with a few games of sharks and minnows. While the coaches were definitely a bit tired, to their credit they chased campers all over the field no matter how tired they may have been! After lunch, we went over 2v2 offense and defense from up top and behind and let the boys go at it. Only after about 10 minutes, the boys were utilizing the pick and roll to perfection! Day 3, much like the other days, started with stick work. The focus then shifted to the transition game. We went over 3v2 offense and defense and then set the campers up in the West Genny drill, the transition 3v2 drill made famous by coach Mike Messere of West Genesee High School in New York. After a short break, we then covered static 4v3’s and 5v4’s which the kids picked up on very quickly. After lunch in the last session of camp, we covered 4v4’s and 5v5’s from the mid-line and let the boys run a bit and put all of the skills they learned throughout camp to the test. To their credit, they retained a lot of the skills we taught them and scored some really nice goals! Camp ended with a Q&A with the coaches and some autograph signing before we were rushed to the airport to catch out flight. It was a hectic few days but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Next week we make our third and final stop of the summer in Colorado Springs! We’re excited to get up to CO and see just how far the west coast lacrosse game has come since our last visit! I’m sure we won’t be disappointed. Check back next week for updates and photos from camp…should be another good one. Until next time!